Toyota bZ4X:

Range issues for bZ4X: Toyota responds to criticism

Elbil24 ran our tests twice to be certain of the results. See Toyota's comments on Elbil24's test results here.

DISSAPOINTING RESULTS: Toyota bZ4X was a disappointment in Elbil24s range test. Now, the company has commented our results. Photo: Fred Magne Skillebæk
DISSAPOINTING RESULTS: Toyota bZ4X was a disappointment in Elbil24s range test. Now, the company has commented our results. Photo: Fred Magne Skillebæk Vis mer

(Elbil24): During our testing of the car, we found the Toyota bZ4X' range to be way off what Toyota promises in their marketing.

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This is the response we received from Toyota:

At Toyota, we value our customers’ feedback. The concerns surrounding the range and energy consumption described in the Elbil24 article has been given the highest priority.

Range is, in fact, affected by many different factors. Aside from the battery capacity and the battery's charge from regeneration, the use of the air conditioning system and external factors such as the ambient temperature will affect energy consumption and available range.

We also wish to note that Toyota has a policy of providing as accurate a range as possible regardless of whether the care runs on gasoline or electricity, by taking into account factors such as ambient temperature and the use of the air conditioning system with different temperature settings, as mentioned in the article.

At the same time, the bZ4X has, like other Toyota models, a range buffer that allows customers some security in case they end up in a situation with 0 kilometres of remaining range with no opportunity to charge. When the display shows 0 kilometres of range for the bZ7X, there will still be 8.2 percent of the battery available. This value is a guideline, and it may be higher or lower depending on a number of different factors, which also make it difficult to establish the available range in kilometres until the battery is completely empty. Before the battery is empty and the vehicle comes to a complete halt, the performance and maximum speed will be reduced when the available battery capacity is critically low.

Toyota is known for quality and dependability, traditions that are maintained in the bZ4X. The quality, durability, and reliability of the car and the battery are achieved through continuous monitoring and control of battery charge and consumption, as well as utilised capacity. Thanks to these measures, we are offering extended battery warranty for one million kilometres, guaranteeing capacity for the first ten years of the car’s lifespan. This will give the customers a sense of security and will be beneficial to the environment.

We acknowledge the importance of balancing the performance, durability, and reliability of the electric car to provide our customers with the best security possible. We will continue to provide you with necessary information and updates surrounding this topic going forward.

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